Andrew Tinch

Andrew Tinch






Andrew hails from Panama City, Florida, and has been playing guitar for almost eleven years. In Panama City, he studied with Steve Cosper and Chris Rochester before moving to Miami to study with Professor John Hart. His knowledge in jazz and contemporary music helps him teach guitar in a fun and inspiring way! Andrew has experience teaching guitar privately, and was also on faculty for the summer music camp at the local Salvation Army church, teaching piano, guitar, choir, and rhythm.

Started Music Career:

Andrew started out playing piano at age 5 and then trumpet and age 8, taught by his parents. He then started playing guitar after being inspired by Prince’s Superbowl halftime show performance! After two years of learning guitar, he started to lose interest with the instrument. However, while preparing a big band concert at his church, his dad called him up to his office to listen to something. It was a recording of a live performance by the great Oscar Peterson. It was then when Andrew fell in love with jazz guitar and the rest is history.


Andrew is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Music in jazz guitar performance with a minor in music business at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

Areas of Focus:

Jazz, rock, blues, bluegrass, country, music theory, aural skills

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:

Andrew loves to see his students feel empowered when they finally grasp a concept that was challenging to them at first. He loves seeing them being constantly inspired to go search for the next thing!


In high school, Andrew was the guitarist for the Florida All State High School Jazz Band in 2018 and 2019. He performs regularly around the Panama City area when he is back home during summer and winter break. At Frost, Andrew has played in XJB Big Band and is currently the guitar player for Extensions, Frost’s premiere jazz vocal group. He is also currently in a contemporary chamber group called Everwild.