Aron Stornaiuolo

Aron Stornaiuolo


Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Kendall


Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, Trumpet


Originally from North Carolina, Aron attends Frost School of Music studying Jazz Voice, Guitar and Piano. He has and continues to play many styles of music from Jazz and Classical to Pop and Rock. He loves the fun in exploring new sounds and wishes to inspire the same love in others through guitar, voice, and piano lessons in Miami.
Aron has studied Classical Composition for two years at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. During that time he learned Classical Piano and studied Music Theory. At the University of Miami he studies Jazz and leads a band of his original pop/jazz music called “Sunny Side Up”

Started Music Career:

8 year old Aron was obsessed with the video game Guitar Hero and eventually asked his parents for a real guitar and lessons. He played Rock guitar for 5 years, switched to Jazz because he was curious about the weird chords a man was playing in the corner of a guitar store. After studying Jazz guitar for 2 years he started singing Jazz when he couldn’t find a vocalist to accompany. In order to sing with a Big Band, he had to write music for them, so he decided to learn how to do that too!


Aron graduated high school from University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a concentration in Classical Composition and is currently a Freshman at Frost School of Music studying Jazz Vocal Performance.

Area of Focus: 

Jazz, Pop, Classical, Music Theory, Songwriting, Production

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: 

Aron loves teaching students to find their inner creativity and spark as well as inspiring versatility and interest in a wide range of things.


Aron has performed in many different venues and groups. He is a 2020 Young Arts National Winner for Jazz Voice. He regularly performs around Miami with Jam With Jamie, and his band Sunny Side Up. In North Carolina, he often sang and played guitar around town at retirement homes and other performance venues.