Cristian Perez

Cristian Perez


Cristian is a Miami native that focuses his attention on providing music education to students of any background, offering lessons for guitar and piano lessons in the comfort of their homes for over four years.

Having had his life changed since learning how to play guitar in college, Cristian is fully conscious of the impact music education is capable of. With this in mind, he strives to impart a similar feeling onto all of his students, regardless of whether music is a hobby or something more.

Started Music Career:

Cristian took his first guitar lessons in college. While he initially was set to learn to play jazz, a teacher’s suggestion of an album by John Christopher Williams changed his mind about what style to learn.


B.A. in Music Performance 2016 (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Florida, from the studio Dr. Marco Sartor. Completing M.M. in Guitar Performance at Florida International University under the tutelage of Dr. Mesut Ozgen.

Area(s) of Focus:

Classical technique, Music history, Music Theory, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Performance practice, Pedagogy.

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:

Cristian loves to see his students reach milestones and make breakthroughs in their development. The challenge of adjusting to what each student wants to get out of from music lessons keeps him on his toes and engaged in pedagogy.


Cristian performs with the FIU Guitar Orchestra at the annual FIU GuitART International Music Festival as both a chamber and solo musician.