José Vazquez

José Vazquez

Voice and singing lessons for kids to adults


Coral Gables, South Miami, Pinecrest, Coconut Grove, Kendall


José stepped onstage at an early age and never stepped off. He has taken singing lessons, learned to play piano and guitar, write music and act. He has worn many hats in the music industry. From front man in a punk band, to lead roles in regional opera and musical theatre companies José has vast performing experience. Additionally, he’s worked as a marketing consultant for Warner Music and pursued every form of songwriter in between. He has studied classical music and theory for almost 20 years. Plus he has received training from music schools like Cleveland Institute of Music and Miami’s own Frost School of Music. Currently he studies with Oscar Diaz Jr. of the Performer’s Music Institute. All the while he’s writing and recording original music, and sharing his knowledge and experience in music with whoever wants it.

Started in music:

Piano lessons in 2001.


José holds a Bachelors of Music from University of Miami. His major is in Music Business and Entertainment Industries.

Area of focus:

José loves to help students find the passion in their music (of any genre) through singing lessons. Furthermore, he loves to explore elements of musicality and freedom in music. Proper singing technique & how to care for your voice long-term is of critical importance as well.

Favorite aspect of teaching:

Music is a social art where each of us tries to express something – some kind of emotion or message – to other people. However, it is a difficult form of expression, and it can be even harder to do alone. After years of trying to make my voice better on my own, I finally learned the importance of a good mentor – and with the right advice and coaching I have found my own voice, and now I use it to convey any emotion I want using just the right technique. The beauty of singing is that everyone can do it – everybody has a voice and I want to help you find it.


Most recently José has been acting onstage as Romeo in Romeo & Juliet (2019), singing as Papageno in the Magic Flute (2018), and playing original music at open mics and venues around Miami. Furthermore, he has performed in many other shows including Spring Awakening (Melchior Gabor), Into the Woods (Wolf/Prince), and Rigoletto (Marullo). Also, he has staged and directed two full-scale productions at the University of Miami’s CaneStage Theatre Company, and managed, sang, and wrote lyrics for a local punk band from 2009-2015.