Guitar Lessons in Miami – Disected

Guitar Lessons in Miami – Disected

When it comes to learning the guitar in Miami, there is no shortage of options. But this can make your choice a difficult one. Casually, you can watch some YouTube videos or practice with a friend who already knows how to play the guitar. But at some point you may want more. More structure. More of a challenge. More productivity. Just more. So that leaves you with two choices – group guitar lessons or private guitar lessons in Miami. Here’s a few tidbits to help you with the decision.

Group Guitar Lessons

Although slightly less common, you can learn guitar in Miami in more of a classroom style. Check out ours here! This is a cheaper option than learning the guitar one-on-one. And it can be a good way to evaluate your readiness and commitment to private guitar lessons before you dive in. These classes usually have a specific focal point. For instance, our Miami Acoustic Project aims to teach guitarists how to play with others. That may be a jam session with friends, or it may mean incredible improvement for you existing band or ensemble. The application is limitless, but the topic is specific.

woman taking guitar lessons in MiamiPrivate Guitar Lessons

By contrast, learning the guitar one-on-one will be geared more toward your overall improvement as a guitarist. Your lessons are more likely to hone in on any specific areas of weakness in your playing, technique or understanding of music theory. You can learn the precise topics that interest you at the pace that suits you. Individual guitar lessons are more expensive than group lessons, but if you choose the right studio, the value is highest!

Still not sure where to start? Let us help you out! We’ve got all of the above.

Take a look at a tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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Study privately with us – we’ll give you a free trial lesson with Max.

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