Laura Hollis

Blonde voice teacher smiling and standing outside

Voice and Piano


As a Tampa native and Miami lover, Laura is passionate about the quality of music education and relatability of Classical music in her state, especially as it relates to private voice lessons.

At first, Barrett School of Music was a flexible part time job during her college years. However, in 2011, she decided to make piano and voice lessons this her full time endeavor. Laura quickly realized many current music students are not satisfied with their musical instruction, whether it’s the style they study or their compatibility with their teacher. From there, Laura developed an asset-based approach to teaching piano and voice lessons. She feels this is central to the popularity and uniqueness of the studio. She is proud to play a significant role in developing musicians across the state!

Started Music Career:

At age 4 Laura took her first piano lesson from her mom. But when she saw her high school show choir, she fell in love with their red dresses and dancing and…singing! She jumped in head first and hasn’t looked back.


BA in Music Studies, 2010, University of South Florida under Jerry Reynolds.

Area of Focus:

Opera, Classical Technique, Music History, Music Theory

Favorite aspect of teaching:

Laura loves building relationships with students and families. Learning how to teach piano and voice lessons to each student based on their own learning style, music preference and background is her favorite part. Laura has had the honor of teaching piano and voice lessons to students for 16 years. She has watched many students grow up as musicians and people!


Laura has performed with Florida Pro Musica, the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay and the USF Chamber Choir. She also performs regularly as a a guest performer and solo artist throughout the state.