6 Reasons Why YOU Should Take Miami Voice Lessons

6 Reasons Why YOU Should Take Miami Voice Lessons

Taking voice lessons can lead to a variety of benefits, such as improved time management, foreign language skills, and overall mental health! Students from our Miami voice lessons come from all walks of life. We see avid athletes, dedicated dancers, and even some retired music lovers who want to sharpen their skills. No matter what your goals are, singing is a great way to reach them!

1. Time Management Skills

Taking music lessons doesn’t just involve one lesson a week. It requires time and dedication through practicing, learning from your teacher, and studying music theory. This means that most students typically spend more time singing outside of their regular lesson. Each student learns how to manage their time, whether that involves a practice calendar, stopwatch timer, or a simple to-do list. And these musicians are able to prioritize their time, while finding joy in their practicing. No stress here!

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2. Foreign Languages

The average shower or car singer probably has Top 40 hits, old school rock, or funky jazz on repeat. But a trained singer knows how to make music in any language! BSM Miami voice lessons are of course offered in the standard English and Spanish. But, each singer is encouraged to explore music in Italian, French, German, and more!

3. Mental Health

Singing can be very therapeutic. Most singers say that making music helps them de-stress. And students who feel pressure from school, competitive sports, and just life in general can use voice lessons as a retreat. Our Miami voice lessons are taught by trained musicians, who know firsthand how to incorporate music into daily life. And adding music into your day is an amazing way to cheer up and spark some joy!

Singing fortifies health, widens culture, refines the intelligence, enriches the imagination, makes for happiness, and endows life with an added zest

The American Academy of Teachers of Singing

4. Physical Health

Those who sing throughout their youth are less likely to have aged voices. It’s just like doing a push-up – when you exercise a muscle consistently, that muscle stays stronger, longer! But when you’re singing, your throat isn’t the only thing working hard. When someone breaks into song, their chest expands and their shoulders straighten, instantly improving posture.

5. Respiratory Health

While singing, your lungs are working double time to make an amplified, supported sound happen. And this works out your entire respiratory system! The act of singing is physical. And as a result, singing often can lead to stronger abdominal muscles, and also stimulate circulation.

Singing makes us breathe more deeply than many forms of strenuous exercise, so we take in more oxygen, improve aerobic capacity and experience a release of muscle tension as well

Professor Graham Welch, University of Surrey

6. Immune Boost

In a study done by the University of Frankfurt, scientists found some amazing results in singers! In addition to finding more antibody proteins, they also found an increased amount of anti-stress hormones in choir members, post-rehearsal. And just to make sure, they had the same subjects listen to the same song, instead of singing it, and they saw no significant increase in those same hormones. So those scientists concluded that singing doesn’t just make you feel happy. It also boosts your immunity!

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If you’re looking for a fun, creative activity that can also provide some amazing health benefits, look no further! Our talented and professional teachers are available throughout the Miami area.

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