Guitar Classes in Miami Are Open to All Levels!

Guitar Classes in Miami Are Open to All Levels!

Whether you’re just starting, or have been playing for years

The Barrett School of Music is excited to hold more guitar classes in Miami! We have teachers that cater to any level. And our main goal is to inspire students to love what they play!
As a long-standing music school in Miami, we know how making great music can strengthen the community.

Our guitar classes have been a blast!

We’re not just a music school in Miami, we also have a studio in Tampa! At our Tampa location, we hold our guitar classes at the Hyde Park Montessori School.
The students at Hyde Park Montessori are a lively mix of brand new and intermediate level players. And the wonderful thing about this blend is that the students are excited to encourage each other!
Our Hyde Park Montessori guitar class students have been able to learn some exciting solos. But their favorite part of the class is playing as an ensemble! Check it out!

What about students who already take guitar classes in Miami schools?

Many of our great Miami schools offer terrific music programs. However, the larger classes may not provide the hands-on attention that a new musician needs. This is where taking private guitar lessons in Miami can help.
In many cases, students taking music in their primary school are in classes with dozens of other kids. Unfortunately, this means that their teacher cannot give individual attention to everyone.
By taking private lessons, students will improve at a much steadier pace. Also, they can play solo songs in any genre they’d like to try!
In addition to their private  lessons, students who take guitar lessons in Miami will have the opportunity to perform more often. And they can perform as soloists or even in small groups. Performing more often will build confidence, and help them become more comfortable on any stage.
guitar classes in Miami - students taking an after school class at Hyde Park Montessori

There are so many great perks of playing guitar!

Of course taking guitar classes in Miami will teach a fun and valuable skill. But, many people don’t know about the deeper benefits.
Playing guitar can strengthen your memory and concentration. For young students, playing guitar can aid in brain development. And for older students, it can help to keep your mind sharp!
In addition, taking guitar lessons in Miami can help students improve their time management skills. And research has shown that students who play an instrument show higher scores scores in math and literature!
Another compelling reason to sign up for lessons – the exposure to other cultures! Students at our music school in Miami play songs from all over the world! Music can be a wonderful way to introduce children to various traditions and folklore. And this will spark their excitement for diversity!

Barrett School of Music is not your typical studio

Most of the music schools in Miami require students to go to them. This is where Barrett School of Music stands out. One of the best things about our studio is that we go to you!
Our in-home lessons are not just convenient. In addition to this, having the teacher come to your home allows for a more comfortable learning environment. It also creates a stronger bond between the teacher and student’s family!
Each of our teachers have pursued higher levels of education in music. They have studied with amazing professors, and performed some very impressive pieces. And some of them even compose their own music!
If you’re ready start your musical journey, let us know!
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