Music Lessons as an Adult

Music Lessons as an Adult

Maybe you took piano lessons as a kid. Maybe you sang in the school choir. Maybe you played around on a guitar in your friend’s garage. But that was years ago. Although you’re curios about music lessons now, you may be worried that lessons will be less productive as an adult. There’s no talent show to strut your stuff at anymore. But you always sort of think about learning or relearning an instrument.

We’ve got great news for you – singing lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons for adults or whatever you’re into can actually be MORE productive now! Think about it. As an adult, you’ve probably learned some discipline, and this time around, you’ll be practicing an instrument that you want to learn. Also, you probably work now, and after doing the same thing for 8+ hours each day, it will be relaxing to have a hobby with measurable results, unrelated to the results your job is measuring.

woman smiling while playing the guitar

Additionally, playing an instrument and taking music lessons improves your brain function! Many people know that fact, but as an adult, we often use the same parts of our brain over and over again. We learn less and less new information. Music uses different parts of the brain, and it activates several parts of the brain at once.

Lastly, the endorphins. Everyone likes those because they make you feel good. Music is scientifically proven to release endorphins! Think about the last concert or show you went to. Imagine your favorite song on the radio or the music from Jurassic Park. All these pleasantries those memories stir up can be recreated with music -piano lessons, voice lessons, guitar lessons – right in your home!

Our teachers are young and energetic. They have music degrees, and they perform all over. This is their expertise. They love to teach creatively, not just following along in a methodical book, and you can text or call anytime. Learn the music you love! You don’t need to wonder if you can do it. You don’t need to wonder if it’s going to be too challenging. We’ve got tons of talented adults in our studio, and you should be one of them!

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