Taking Piano Classes in Miami could Improve Your Health!

Taking Piano Classes in Miami could Improve Your Health!

Our Piano Lessons in Miami can Benefit You in Many Ways

Taking piano classes in Miami at an early age is great for brain development. Also, playing piano can strengthen focusing skills, and hand muscles. For teens, learning an instrument often relieves everyday stress. And it can improve language skills, along with helping them take criticism gracefully.  Students who play piano have also shown higher test scores in their general classes!

Adult and elderly students will find that taking piano lessons helps to maintain brain function. In addition to overall focus, playing an instrument helps the student with multitasking.

Along with brain benefits, playing piano also improve hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Developing a “musical ear” also helps when learning new languages, and hearing through background noise in your everyday life. This aural awareness has also been linked with improvement in dyslexia symptoms. This can all be accomplished by taking piano classes in Miami at Barrett School of Music!


One Common Issue – Piano Posture

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Student shows great piano posture at holiday recital

Although there are many physical perks from playing piano, pianists face a common problem. And that’s maintaining good posture. Similar to the effect of sitting at an office desk, playing piano improperly may cause back pain. In BSM’s piano lessons in Miami, students learn how to properly sit at the piano.

Playing posture is not only about your back. There is a certain way to position your hands too! And when a student is self-taught, they may not know how to properly position themselves while playing. This is why it is common to see self-taught musicians with back and neck pain later in life.

Taking private lessons from our music school in Miami means that the student will be taught by the best. Our teachers know exactly how to prevent pain while playing. And they can also help re-train an adult, self-taught musician who may be experiencing this pain already.

Here’s How Brandon Solves the Posture Problem

Pianists, have no fear! One of our most experienced teachers, Brandon, is here to help! Here are some of his “do’s and don’ts” of piano posture!


Make sure your piano bench is not too close to the piano. This will limit the amount of space available to move your hands up and down the keyboard. Sitting on the back side of the bench may cause pianists to lean towards the keys. Also, playing with straightened fingers restricts your hands’ range of motion. And avoid craning your neck down to the keys, this can cause neck and back pain over time.


Set the piano bench further from the piano, so your knees are directly under the edge. Always sit near the front of the piano bench, allowing your back to straighten. Also, playing with curved fingers allows you to move more freely on the keys. And to look down at the keys, keep your shoulders rested back, and gently aim your chin down.

The most important “do” — take private piano classes in Miami at the Barrett School of Music!

To hear more of Brandon’s piano pointers, check out this video!

Learn Great Tips Like This in our Piano Classes in Miami

The Barrett School of Music prides itself in being a very professional music school in Miami. Our teachers are all classically trained in their instruments. And many of them are proficient in multiple instruments! Their classical training has taught them how to not only sound amazing, but also play properly.

Playing in a natural way is important with any instrument. And if you would like to learn great techniques for playing, let us know!

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